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“We understand people. We understand business. But most importantly, we understand the business of people”.
Professionally designed, tailored and implemented Training Programmes that inspire the full cross-section of the workforce; from management and sales to clerical and floor-shop.


“We all had a blast and people are saying its their favourite program to date! Superb. ” 




About Us


High Functioning teams will always deliver more than a group of individuals.


Ensuring your teams work in a positive, friendly, high functioning environment is fundamental to the success of your business. To maximise the effectiveness of your team you need to build cohesion, drive morale and ensure all members of the group have the right tools and skill set to not just deliver but push the boundaries of expectation to the maximum.


Ensuring this in an already busy working day is hard.


This is what we do!

We are an interdisciplinary team whose collective skills and experiences allow us to work seamlessly across a variety of platforms, mediums and activities for a diverse range of clients.


Over the last two decades a core expertise and specialization in organising people orientated events and activities have been developed.


Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, partnerships with key constituents, including hotels, local councils, venues and caterers have been forged that ensure local market conditions are understood whilst international standards are delivered. All at the most cost effective price.


At all times we adhere to two fundamental principles:

  1. Successfully structure an activity to meet the clients aims within an agreed commercial investment

  2. Always deliver beyond a client’s expectations


Allow our industry experts to help you boost production and achieve your organisational goals.


Our team building solutions can be used for a variety of HR initiatives ranging from:

  1. Fun getaways for the team to boost morale

  2. Inspiring a sales force

  3. Aligning a team to form a positive work culture

  4. Aligning a team to embrace the vision, mission and values of the organisation

  5. Building a positive environment following a restructuring of the organisation

We have the experience to deliver to you a highly productive team that can deal with a range of work-place environments.



Build highly effective, friendly & confident teams that deliver beyond expectations.


Corporate team building activities develop teams who not only produce amazing results but together create a work environment that leads to greater employee satisfaction.


We are experts at creating activities to achieve your goals. From single events to an ongoing plan to develop and mature your teams over time - let us do the hard work in planning and coordinating.


We will help mold great leaders for you creating and instilling key leadership characteristics such as modelling the way, challenging the process, motivating others and many more leadership characteristics.


Build highly effective teams that deliver an incredible customer experience. Our uniquely designed Customer Service programs focus on five core pillars of customer service, which continually deliver return customers.


Be it sales, shop-floor or office workforce, we help make your team more effective through recognizing and focusing on a few key traits


Our MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) based, uniquely designed programmes deliver practical ways to improve the way we communicate, influence and work together.


Ownership of a unique, one-off, specifically designed event provides the ideal platform to both differentiate your brand and provide a once in a life time experience for staff.


These events align all staff members behind a project that unifies employees and boosts morale and pride in their company. On event day they get the direct benefits that attendance delivers and enjoy the money can’t buy experience that the company has provided for them.


We are HRDF registered.

 Our staff have steered hundreds of companies to a successful conclusion in their HRDF claim.

Contact us today to find out more.

006012 885 1473 / 006 012 2136240



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