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Build highly effective, friendly & confident teams that deliver beyond expectations.

Leaders Shape the Future. They Set the Tone. They create a unified vision and follow through on execution. Leaders drive results and achieve goals. To face the obstacles of today and tomorrow, we need leaders at every level.

This program imparts the key practices of leadership i.e model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act, and encourage those around them.


All components of this programme are delivered virtually.


Programme Objectives:

By the completion of Core Leadership Practices, participants will be able to:

  • Display the need to get energise and energise others as the basic role of leadership - Jack Welch 4 E’s

  • Differentiate their role as leaders and managers

  • Occupy the leadership role with comfort

  • Have a structured model to measure their leadership capability

  • Be the role model for others

  • Inspire a shared vision and goal of the organisation

  • Challenge the norm by experimenting, prototyping and refining the approach

  • Deal with changes by confronting the reality but having unwavering faith that you will succeed

  • Enable others to act and encouraging others by

    • Building an empowering environment

    • Celebrating success

    • Communicating non-performance assertively in 4 steps

    • Building a functional team

  • Build Instantaneous Rapport with staff

  • Coach staff using techniques for skills development

  • Counsel staff to improve poor performance.

  • Communicate clearly in a manner most acceptable to others to get work done.

  • Execute action plans to improve leadership capabilities


Programme Content:

The program will encompass the following topics:

  • Managing your state

  • Jack Welch 4 E’s - Energy, Energise, Edge and Execute

  • The need to inspire a vision

  • Challenging the norm

  • Stockdale Paradox

  • Creating an empowering environment and not an environment of fear

  • Communicating non performance assertively in 4 steps without being aggressive

  • Building a functional team

  • Building rapport with staff

  • Coaching & Counseling

  • Leadership Practices Inventory 360 report on

    • Model the Way

    • Challenge the Process

    • Inspire a vision

    • Enable others to act

    • Encourage the heart

Motivational Fast Facts


2 x Half Day On-Line

3 x 40 min One on One Counselling sessions


For Whom:

This course is suitable for Team Leaders, Project Managers, Middle Managers, Supervisors, and Sales Leaders and anyone else who is or will be responsible for managing teams or individuals.


Number of Participants:

Maximum class size is 25 participants



Core Leadership Practices will be conducted online and will use a combination of lecturettes, games, role plays and individual exercise. It also incorporates the use of Leadership Practices Inventory

Leadership Practices Inventory:

This survey translates the actions that make up five practices of exemplary leadership into behavioral statements. The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) lends quantitative evidence to the qualitative data provided by personal-best leadership case studies. The LPI consists of Ten statements that address the essential behaviors found when people report being at their personal best as leaders. It is also accurate as it is a 360 degree individual survey which breaks behavioural statements into exact detail from four different perspectives i.e. Self, higher management, subordinate and co-worker.


3 x One to One Coaching Sessions (On-Line)

The program is structured in a manner where after conducting the on-line program, Inspire Asia will run 3 online 1 on 1 coaching sessions with each participant. Each coaching session is for 40 minutes.

The coaching session, will encompass:

Understanding challenges faced by the participant and guidance on how to overcome any challenges pertaining to leadership.

Dealing with a specific area of weakness derived from the Leadership Practices Inventory. Inspire Asia will study the report of each participant, have a discussion during the coaching session on a specific area and work out a specific action plan to deal with each one area of weakness during each coaching session. Therefore Inspire Asia would have provided three recommendations for three areas of weakness during each coaching session to build the participant to become an effective leader.

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