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Build highly effective, friendly & confident teams that deliver beyond expectations.

Build a highly effective, confident team that delivers beyond expectations.

Communication is crucial to success. Connecting with people successfully, be them colleagues, staff or clients, is essential in business.

Our MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) based, uniquely designed programmes deliver practical ways to improve the way we communicate, influence and work together.

Through interactive and experiential learning activities, role-playing and case studies we highlight to participants the importance of managing themselves as individuals, enabling participants to understand their own preferences, increasing their self-awareness and delivering better teamwork within your organization.

Specifically participants learn to:

  1. Highlight the differences through experiential exercises, the four preference pairs

  2. Understand their own MBTI typology preference (four-letter type)

  3. Increase their self-awareness  

  4. Reinforce openness in their teams and organizations

  5. Enable them to understand how the various typologies fit into the workings of an organization and team

MBTI Fast Facts



1 day


For Whom:

Ideal for supervisors, managers, executives and even teams for each individual to understand themselves and others.

Number of Participants:

10 - 30 persons



The workshop starts with the administration of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) where participants will complete the self-scorable Form M questionnaire to reveal their types.

This becomes the basis for the interactive and participative nature of the workshop in the form of a combination of short lectures, role-plays, discussions, simulations and reflective exercises to integrate the learning into a useful holistic experience.

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